Why Are Zika Cases Increasing In The United States? | Mosquito Control

Why Are Zika Cases Increasing In The United States? | Mosquito ControlFemale Aedes Mosquito

Summer is here and that means that citizens all over the country are gearing up for a summer full of potentially dangerous bugs. With Zika making headlines last summer, many people are still cautious around mosquitoes, especially in Southern Florida. Then again, there seems to be many people who are assuming that the Zika threat is no big deal anymore, and the experts have the Zika problem in the bag. Sadly, this is not the case. If anything, citizens of the United States will want to be even more cautious of the Zika virus this year.

A new report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has demonstrated that one in ten pregnant women who had contracted the Zika virus ended up giving birth to children with birth defects. Public health officials are attempting to notify the public that traveling to other Zika-heavy locations in the world is the primary reason for the Zika virus becoming a threat within the continental United States. In addition to that, there is the added worry that Zika’s threat to the citizens of the United States has been increased as a result of the virus being sexually transmitted. In order to decrease the rate at which the Zika virus is spread in the United States, health officials are attempting to up the amount of educational programs around the US that aim to educate the public concerning the ease with which Zika is spread through sexual contact.

Climate change has also been blamed for the surprisingly high rates of Zika infection that have been occurring within the United States. The mild winter of 2016 and 2017 has created climatic conditions that are ideal for mosquitoes. The warm winters helped to pave the way for the ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes this summer. Even if you are living in the Northern US, you cannot be too careful with insect-pest prevention methods since the rates of Zika within the US only seem to be increasing with no signs of slowing.

Do you believe that you should be worried about contracting Zika this summer if you are an American Citizen?




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