Why is it necessary to remove spider-webs?

Spiders are always associated with creepy houses, poisonous bites, and other unpleasant things. Apart from some spider species, who are exceptions, like the brown recluse and the black widows, spiders are not dangerous and do not intend any harm to humans. That said, spiders spin webs in and around every corner of the house, which no homeowner appreciates as it gives an unkempt look to home and office, gives off a bad impression, and can cause a potential fire hazard.

We all have been there and done that. Therefore, we must admit that spider web removal is a messy process. But have you ever thought about how spider web removal is vital to control spiders?

If you are nodding a yes, then keep scrolling because this blog provides you with some handy tips and tricks to clean up those webs. But for starters, let us first understand the importance of removing spider webs.

Let’s dive in.

Significance of Spider Web Removal

  • It is a control method to prevent further infestation of spiders. You remove a multitude of egg sacs and potential spiders along with its webbing in one swoop
  • Once the spider webs are removed, you can spot new webs constructed in the same spots easily.
  • Removing spider webs is also a signal to the spiders to find a new property as you already on a mission of stopping spider invasion and controlling other pests.

How to Remove Spider Webs?

Figuring out ways to remove spider webs often gets a little tricky. Spider silk is both adhesive and strong, making it hard to remove from uneven surfaces. You try one trick you have seen on Google and end up removing the paint of that area. The more complicated location of the spider web, the more challenging it gets. While there are many methods to remove spider webs, we have listed out some of the easiest ones, using supplies you already have at your home.

  • Broom: Using a broom to remove spider webs is a conventional method that is useful when you have spider webs in hard-to-reach areas. Place an old cotton or flannel cloth over the broom and sweep away the cobwebs.
  • Long-handled Duster: Another excellent option to get rid of spider webs is using a long-handled duster that comes with disposable dusting pads. These can help in removing the hidden webs in cracks and crevices.
  • Vacuum Cleaner: Using your vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment is a modern and most efficient way to remove spider webs. The hose attachment will suck up the webs, and once all the webs are cleared, you can dispose of the bag in the trash bin.
  • Duct Tape: For highly textured surfaces such as popcorn ceilings, all the aforementioned options may cause a problem. However, you can take the clever route, using a long, extendable paint roller and wrapping it with duct tape (sticky side out). Now, roll the paint roller with duct tape, back and forth to pick up all the strands of web from the surface.
  • Hire Pest Control Professionals: If you want to save yourself the hassle, hire pest control professionals, and get the task done. They are experts in treating such using professional equipment. They will knock down all the spider webs and treat your home to keep spiders and other pests away.

Wrapping Up

To conclude, spider web removal around your home is a great way to pest control. If you are yet to do it, start it now. If spider web removal is making no difference, and you are finding it hard to get rid of these arachnids, it’s probably time to call pest control professionals to claim your home back from spiders and other pests.

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