Why Roof Rat Infestations Start

Roof rats are all over the US, and they are known by several different names including the black rat and the ship rat. They are one of the first rat species to arrive in North America from Europe, and they are known for the diseases that they spread and the damage that they can cause to the home. Here is why these rats invade the home and what you can do to stop them:

The causes of roof rat infestations

Like with all infestations, there would be no roof rat infestation if there were no entry points available. Roof rats are very nimble and agile, and they can squeeze through holes that are as small as a nickel. They will be especially interested in entering the home when the temperatures outside are too low. So if you have roof rats somewhere on your property, they will stay outdoors until the weather gets too cold for them, at which point they will try to make their way in. Finally, the roof rats will be looking for food. Their diet mostly consists of food that they can find in a tree – so fruits, nuts, eggs, and a variety of other plant materials. Indoors, they will be particularly drawn to these items, but they will eat pretty much anything that they can get their paws on.

How to prevent roof rat infestations

To prevent roof rat infestations, you can either work with a pro or attempt to pest-proof your home by yourself. The main goal is to seal all the entry points in the home, from the foundation to to the roof. Since roof rats, and rodents in general, are such great climbers, pest proofing the lower floors is not enough, because a determined rodent will find a way in through the roof, the attic, or one of the upper floors.

What to do if an infestation has already started

If roof rats have already gained access to the home and have set up a nest inside, your best bet for eliminating the infestation is to work with a pest control pro. It’s essential to completely eliminate the roof rat population in the home during the control process, otherwise the rats will repopulate and the infestation will continue where it left off.

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