Why Yellow Jackets Are Considered Pests

Yellow jackets are common summer and fall stinging insects in the US. They are not the only stinging insects that will fly around and bother people. You also have bees. But while bees are considered beneficial insects, yellow jackets are considered pests. Why is that? Let’s find out.

The aggression of the yellow jacket

Bees are fairly docile insects. For one, they do not routinely bother people, and when they do, they hesitate to sting, because once they sting, they die. They are only really aggressive when their colonies are threatened. Yellow jackets on the other hand are known for their aggression, even when you compare them to other wasp species. They have the capacity to sting multiple times, and they will sometimes sting unprovoked. On top of that, they routinely approach people when there are food sources nearby, because their diet consists of sugars and protein. They are also fiercely protective of their nests, often attacking in swarms whenever their colonies are threatened.

The nesting behavior of the yellow jacket

Wild bee infestations are fairly rare. Most bee colonies that are in or near human settlements are domesticated and grown by beekeepers. Yellow jackets on the other hand are very active when it comes to building nests and expanding their territories. On top of that, their diet brings them closer to our homes, often scavenging in garbage containers. As such, wasp nests are quite common in yards, and even in the wall voids of the home, while bee nests are very rare

The life cycle of the yellow jacket

Bee colonies are able to survive the winter, because of their structure. Yellow jacket colonies on the other hand start to die out during the autumn as temperatures drop. By the time winter rolls around, most of the colony will be dead, with only a few queens surviving, which will hibernate for the winter and start a new colony in the spring. If however, a wasp nest is located in a warm environment, such as inside a wall void or an attic, it will be able to survive the winter, and even grow if the wasps have access to food sources.

How yellow jacket infestations are controlled

Yellow jacket infestations will require the help of a pro to be removed. If you would like to know more about what the yellow jacket control process entails, or if you currently have a yellow jacket nest on your property, give us a call and one of our team members will help you out.

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