Why You Shouldn’t Treat Mice Infestations Alone

If you are amidst mice infestation in your house, you probably want to do everything you can to get them out of your home. While mice infestation can cause serious problems to your health and property, it is very difficult to detect the presence of mice because of their sneaky nature. Moreover, even if you find mice in your home, getting rid of them on your own is hard and can become dangerous, making the problem even worse. 

If you are planning to treat mice infestation alone, hold your thoughts and keep scrolling to know why DIY methods could be counterproductive.

Let’s begin!

  • Mice traps are ineffective: Mice are very sly and cautious creatures. They can sense danger. If you place mouse traps in the wrong place, mice will not bother approaching them. Moreover, if they smell the scent of a mouse that you caught earlier on the same trap, they will never approach it. Even if you are successful to catch a mouse, there is never just one mouse in your house. The chances are high that more mice in your house are still undetected.
  • Mouse poison is extremely dangerous. If you want to eliminate mice using poison, you have to be extremely cautious. Mishandling the poison could put yourself and your near and dear ones at risk. Also, keeping it in the wrong place could risk your family or pets. At times, mice end up dying deep inside your walls, and as they begin to decompose, a lot of other problems, including health problems, will start.
  • Mice are dangerous: Don’t fall for their cute looks. Mice carry parasites and bacteria and transmit deadly diseases. Apart from spreading disease, they can bite and scratch you if they feel threatened, which can cause more harm.
  • Mice are never alone: As we already mentioned, if you find one mouse in your house, it’s highly unlikely that it is the only one. Even if you successfully catch a couple of mice, there’s still a good chance that there is much more as mice, as they can breed and multiply at a rapid speed. Therefore, eliminating one or two mice will not take care of the mice problem.

Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate Mice problem?

If you think catching or killing mice is an easy task, think again! The internet today is flooded with DIY videos that promise to eliminate mice problems with just a mousetrap or poison. Sadly, a mouse is not driven by hunger. They can go hungry for days, and if they suspect a trap, they will go to great lengths to avoid the food placed to trap them.

Do not underestimate their ability to hide and multiply at a ferocious rate. Mice never come alone. If mice start to roam freely around your home, be sure that their family is with them, who are increasing in numbers with time. Mice are social creatures who prefer to travel in groups.

What Should You Do?

While we understand the urge to get rid of mice the moment you spot it, the above blog explains why it is not a grand idea. Instead, the best route to take is to reach out to licensed pest control professionals, who can perform detailed inspections and exclusion services to ensure that mice don’t make a comeback, once they have been eliminated from your house safely. 

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