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Having bedbugs invade your home can be quite frustrating. You will likely have to throw out your mattress as well as a whole lot of clothes. But what is the worst that could come of a bedbug infestation? Well, as it turns out, you can apparently die from a bedbug infestation. Last year a woman from Pennsylvania, Mary Stoner, died from bedbug bite complications. Apparently, the tiny insects had invaded a care facility where she was living. And that is not all; the deceased woman’s former caretaker is being charged with involuntary manslaughter and neglect of care, which are felony charges.

Last February the local police had been dispatched to the elderly woman’s residence. The authorities immediately noticed a heavy bedbug presence. They saw bedbugs climbing around on her walls and various other household objects. Stoner told the authorities that she was blind, but she could feel the bugs moving about on her body. The police called paramedics to the residence in order to examine Stoner. At the time, the paramedics did not notice any injuries, and they left the elderly woman alone. Two weeks later, Stoner was dead.

According to Stoner’s autopsy, she died from sepsis as a result of a bedbug infestation. Stoner’s family removed her from the home where she was being poorly cared for after it became clear that her health was worsening. Sadly, the elderly woman was not moved out in time, and she succumbed to infection.

Stoner was then moved to another facility where medical professionals quickly made note of the sores that were present on the woman’s body. The medical staff was under the impression that she had sustained many bedbug bites, and that could have been the reason for her sudden health issues. Shortly after Stoner died, the police went to her caretakers house where Stoner had been staying. They noticed that the bedbug problem persisted, and she was promptly arrested.

Do you believe that Mary Stoner died from an infection caused by bedbugs? Or do you think that her death was caused by other factors?






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