A Zoologist Is Now Rich After Selling Microscopic Images Of Insects

A Zoologist Is Now Rich After Selling Microscopic Images Of Insects

Although you have probably never heard of the talented zoologist named Steve Gschmeissner, you have likely encountered a few of his very interesting and extreme close-up photos of insects at some point in the past. Gschmeissner has designed album covers and he has sold numerous photos of insects to media companies, scientists and even fine art dealers. Gschmeissner’s name has become a bit more popular in recent years, as one of his photographs has gone viral. Gschmeissner posted an insect photo to the internet forum website known as Reddit, and it has since become fairly well known. The photo’s posting on Reddit has earned thirty two thousand up-votes, and has captured the imagination of people from all over the world. Many people have sent the photo to their friends in an effort to figure out what is in the picture. The now notable picture shows a microscopic image of a mosquito’s foot. The photo’s popularity has pleased Gschmeissner as it has generated an interest in insects even among people who typically find insects boring. Gschmeissner uses advanced technology in order to take high resolution photos of insects and their body parts. His photos have made him a wealthy entrepreneur as people have offered Gschmeissner vast sums of money in order to own their very own pictures of insect parts.

The zoologist had never realized how much money he could make by selling close-up photos detailing an insect’s anatomy. His photos have even been used to create a fashion collection. Although taking a picture may sound easy enough, Gschmeissner must use highly involved and sophisticated technology in order to obtain his images. He uses a scanning electron microscope (SEM) in order to take high resolution photos of microscopic insect parts. He learned to work with the microscope while dedicating himself to decades of cancer research at the Royal College of Surgeons in London. Since he started taking photos of insect parts for himself he has sold over twenty five thousand pictures of microscopic closeups of different insect body parts. Not a bad way to make a living.

Have you ever seen a photo of an insect that was so strange looking that you did not even realize that it was an insect?

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