A Cockroach Invasion In One Small Town Is Being Blamed On Unusually Hot Weather

Following the cold winter season, many people welcome the summer heat. People were meant to enjoy the great outdoors, so naturally, the pleasant summertime weather allows people to satisfy their need to be amongst nature. However, “nature” is not all fun and games, as there exists many creepy-crawlies lurking about within grass, bushes, trees and even inside homes. Many people will happily tolerate a few insects here and there if it means enjoying the great outdoors, but most people have a hard time exercising tolerance toward cockroaches. Cockroaches happen to be one type of insect that people are not willing to put up with in the least, which can be a problem, as cockroaches are among the most abundant of insects. Just ask the residents of Carmichael, California how they feel about cockroaches. They will tell you all about the terrifying cockroach invasion that has been occurring within their town for weeks.

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The residents of Carmichael have been falling victim to cockroaches that are infiltrating people’s homes. One resident, Toby Rodriguez, took a local news team around his home in order to point out the many cockroach corpses that had been lying about. One cockroach was lying a few feet from his front door. Apparently, the roach was attempting to make an escape before it died. Two other residents, the Guillermo’s, claimed to have found cockroaches all over their home on a daily basis. They have found cockroaches within their home, garage, back and front yard, and around their fence posts. Guillermo and his wife are amazed at the number of cockroaches that they have been finding, and they are puzzled over the origin of the roaches. “Certainly, the roaches cannot just be gravitating to our home”, said Guillermo. Of course he is correct, as the Sacramento Sewer District has been receiving numerous call about unwanted cockroaches. One roach expert has tried to explain the cockroach invasion by referring to the area’s climate. Roaches are able to survive just fine until the temperature reaches 95 degrees. When the temperature reaches this point, roaches will inevitably look for shelter indoors. The current heat wave in the Sacramento area is the likely cause of the roach invasions.

Have you ever noticed an increase in insect life during heat waves?

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