Expert Tips for Dealing with Common Summer Pests

Summertime means the living should be easy, but warm weather seems to send out a signal to every bug in Ouachita Parish. It’s hard to enjoy lounging on the back porch and grilling in the backyard when you’re swatting, ducking and dodging. Professional exterminators stay busy here in Monroe, LA this time of year, but you can defend your home from summer pests with a few expert strategies.

Wash Out Mosquito Spots

It’s easy to blame our mosquito population on the Ouachita, but area pest exterminators know it’s not the river’s fault. Low spots in your yard that don’t drain well are natural breeding grounds. Mosquitos also take advantage of bird baths, pet water bowls and areas around leaky faucets. Use the garden hose as a jet stream to clear potential breeding areas at least once a week, and sprinkle instant coffee crystals over problem spots.

Be Careful With Stinging Bugs

Garbage cans attract wasps, and bees love fallen fruit from backyard trees. You don’t have to make the home landscape look like Biedenharn Gardens, but a messy yard invites stinging pests. Take care of wasp nests after the sun goes down. Spray thoroughly with a good insecticide, and knock down the nest. Spray the area again the next day to discourage repeat offenders. Dealing with bees can be tricky, so leave them to a Monroe, LA pest professional.b4f81ca5-8d35-4284-b975-36542f3757a1

Mow Down Tick Problems

These outside pests make pet life miserable, and an infestation can quickly move inside the house. Special collars and treatments control ticks on the dog, but you have to help around the yard. These bugs thrive in bushy, shady areas. Keep the grass mowed, and pay special attention to areas under trees and along fence lines. Many exterminators recommend setting up a no-tick zone around your home’s foundation by shaving the grass with an edger.

Take a Natural Stand Against Ants

From building backyard mounds to spoiling pantry food, ants just seem tougher here in northeast Louisiana. Stand your ground with ingredients straight out of the kitchen cabinet. Use that cayenne pepper you’ve been saving for gumbo as a powdery barrier around decks and garden beds. Cover an ant hill with baking soda, and douse it with vinegar, or drown it with hot water and lemon dish detergent. The best ant defense is often completely natural.

A little strategic planning goes a long way when you’re stopping summer bug invasions. DIY efforts make a big difference, but don’t let small problems turn into serious infestations. When home invaders start to get the upper hand, give us a call here at J&J Exterminating. Our expert pest exterminators are always happy make your summertime living a little easier.

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