Why Louisiana Has Become The Go-To State For Filming Cockroach Pests

Much like all other states in the contiguous US, the German, American and Oriental cockroach species are the three most common roach pests in Louisiana. However, due to Louisiana’s wet, warm and humid climate, the state is home to a diversity of cockroach species that are well documented as being pests within homes. The brown-banded cockroach species was introduced into the US over a century ago, and today they can be found throughout most of the country, but are most abundant along the Gulf Coast. Another pest species, the smokybrown cockroach, is rapidly increasing its population size in Louisiana, and less pestiferous roach species, such as Turkestan and Surinam cockroaches, are found on occasion within homes in the state.

Multiple surveys have found that New Orleans sees a higher rate of cockroach infestations than any other city in the country. For example, according to the American Housing Survey, a whopping 40 percent of households in the city reported roach infestations during 2015. Although New Orleans does not need any more roach-related publicity, a new horror film about killer cockroaches was naturally shot and set in the city, and a recent video showing massive numbers of roaches climbing over one another within a car in Calhoun has recently gone viral.

Since the video went viral on September 15th, people all over the world have been wondering how hundreds of cockroaches could possibly come to inhabit a parked car outside of a truck stop. However, once it was revealed that the footage was shot in Louisiana, the seemingly unusual footage began to make a little more sense to those who have visited the state. The footage was captured on a cell phone by a random woman who walked past the roach-infested car on her way into a truck stop restaurant. Needless to say, she lost her appetite.

Have you ever found cockroaches in your vehicle?


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