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It can be a little unsettling for a homeowner when they discover that a horde of creepy crawlers have invaded their home. Most folks just want to get rid of the creatures as quickly and affordably as possible without actually having to do the job themselves. With that thought in mind, here are a few tips on how to find the best pest control expert in your area:

Get in touch with your neighbors
If you have pests in your home, the odds are very good that your neighbors have also experienced a similar problem in the past. Ask your neighbors about pest control companies they have used, and how satisfied with their service and price that they offered.

Check the company’s references
Some local exterminators will have a list of satisfied customers that you can contact. While this resource is potentially valuable, you should also understand that the vendor has cherry-picked these referrals. Do contact them and ask some pointed questions but also try to do some independent verification as well.

Confirm their licensing
Most states as well as many local municipalities have licensing, bonding and insurance requirements for pest control companies. A reputable company will be able to easily provide you with written documentation of their compliance with each of these requirements. You can then confirm them for yourself with a single phone call.

Consult the BBB and CoC
Both the Better Business Bureau and your local Chamber of Commerce have a vested interest in investigating and recommending reputable companies in your area. Through their network of contacts, they are able to do a much more thorough job of vetting a company than a single homeowner.

Get two estimates
Prices can vary wildly from one exterminator to another and the lowest price is not always the best one. Be sure that both estimates are for the same scope of work and offer the same guarantees. At that point, you can make an informed decision about which company best fits your specific needs.

Obtain a written contract
When you have finally decided on which pest control company to use, have them supply you with a written contract of what they will do, when they will do it and how much it will cost. In addition, be sure that they specify what will happen if the pest control does not work on the first treatment. Any reputable exterminator will guarantee their work and retreat if they are not successful on the initial try.

These are six fairly simple tips but they can yield excellent results. Still, if you feel the need for even more information on finding the best local exterminator in your area, contact J&J Exterminating for more information or to ask any questions you might have.

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