Five Spookiest Insects

The Five Spookiest Insects

In the rain forest of Guyana, a researcher recently came across a puppy-sized spider. Unless you live in the jungle, you won’t likely have to deal with pests that appear to have crawled off the screen of a horror movie, but if your home has an infestation that is giving you nightmares, then call your local Louisiana pest control expert with J&J Exterminating for help. Here are five real life insects that are truly terrifying.34b1cf3e-5440-4d6c-8595-5fe2a273e525

Brahmin Caterpillar Moth

If you ever spot a Brahmin Caterpillar Moth, then you’ll likely run in the other direction. This creature isn’t dangerous to humans, but its appearance has surely created a bad dream or two. The moth’s head covering juts out from its cranium menacingly while the black spines covering its body surely give predators pause.

Black & Brown Widow Spiders

These creepy critters are not particularly scary because of their size or appearance, but for their highly venomous bites. Found in most parts of the US, a bite from one of these insidious insects can cause fever, nausea, vomiting, headache, abdominal pain and joint pain. In some cases, the skin from the affected area must be surgically removed from a victim’s body.

Giant Japanese Hornet

The Giant Japanese Hornet is a truly terrifying creature. It measures the size of a human thumb, and it can shoot an acid at you that will attract its friends. The bugs can also fly up to 50 miles in one day.

Red Rump Tarantula

If you encounter a Red Rump Tarantula, then you will surely experience chills. These spiders bite and fling urticating hairs at you. When the hairs come into contact with your skin, you could wind up with a miserable rash. The creature’s body length measures 5 to 7.5 centimeters. When you add in the legs, the spider is about 13.5 centimeters long.

Assassin Bug

The Assassin Bug’s size is not intimidating since it barely measures a half an inch long, but the way it feeds on its victims will remind you of a horror movie. After making a kill, it inserts an enzyme into its victim, which allows it to suck out the insides. The creature will then attach the body of the dead bug to its back for protection.

Dealing with Common Pests

When common pests like cockroaches, spiders or earwigs stage an invasion of your home, be sure to call in professional Louisiana pest control experts with J&J Exterminating for help. An expert exterminator will have the equipment and expertise to eliminate the pests in your home, and let you sleep easy.

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