A Man Was Attacked By Flesh Eating Ants While In A Hospital

A Man Was Attacked By Flesh Eating Ants While In A Hospital

We have all heard rumors about flesh eating ants. Some of these ants are known for consuming livestock, and sometimes we even hear about unfortunate individuals consumed to death by armies of flesh eating ants. It turns out that these rumors may not be far from the truth, as the world is full of ravenous ants that will eat anything. One such example of a human being consumed by ants occurred in an American hospital. A seventy six year old man by the name of Cornelius Lewis was in the hospital as a result of complications with his pacemaker. Little did the doctors and hospital staff know, but Lewis was being consumed by numerous ants underneath his bedsheets.

Lewis was in the intensive care portion of the Gulf Coast Medical Center in Florida. Lewis had been lying in the hospital bed for one day before ants began to attack his legs and genitals while he was unconscious following a surgery. Later on, to the horror of medical orderlies, the ants had been discovered infesting his lower half. Lewis remained at the hospital and was reported as being in a “serious condition,” but the hospital spokesperson claims that the worsening of his condition was unrelated to the ant attack.

According to the victim’s son, Lewis was bitten hundreds of times by pavement ants while lying in his hospital bed. The son went on to say that the hospital staff were supposed to check Lewis every ten minutes. Lewis was promptly moved to another room, however, his new room had also been infested with ants. The hospital, which is run by the Lee Memorial Health System, has admitted to the ant attack. The Memorial Health System has said that they are doing everything they can to rid the hospital of ants, and to prevent any similar attacks in the future. The intensive care unit at the hospital has been evacuated, and pest control professionals are ridding the area of all ants.

Have you ever spotted an insect in a hospital? Have you ever heard of a hospital being infested with any type of insect species? If you have, where was the hospital?

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