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You probably think of your bed as a safe haven; a place where you can rest during the night without worrying about creeping, crawling pests. Unfortunately, bed bugs have made a resurgence in recent years and occupy many beds across the country. These invasive pests not only take refuge in bedding but also in furniture, carpets, clothing and more. Without professional J&J Exterminating bed bug control in Lake Charles, these bugs won’t leave your house willingly.
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Bed bugs have brownish, oval-shaped bodies and range in size from 1/4 to 3/8 inches in length. These clinging pests climb onto people and animals and feed on their blood, turning the bugs’ brown coloring to a reddish-purple. Once they’ve fed, the bed bugs retreat back to their hiding place and wait for their next meal the following night.

How do bed bugs get into your home?

Bed bugs are often called hitchhikers and latch onto whatever they can for a ride. You may have bought a used couch from a yard sale, slept over at a hotel or sat next to someone on a bus. A person who has a bed bug infestation unknowingly transmits these pests wherever they go. If you’ve occupied the same area as bed bugs, then you’ll bring them into your home where they can breed and infest your space.

How do you prevent bed bug infestations?

When you book a hotel room, check the bedding thoroughly before lying down. Look for small, black dots on the sheets; bed bugs leave behind droppings as they crawl across the bed. Inspect the mattress seams and the underside of the box spring for any signs of the pests. Place your luggage on a table to prevent any bugs from latching onto your belongings from the carpet. Keep your travel clothing and luggage separate from your other laundry.

Always ask a seller about bed bugs before you buy used furniture. If your kids have wandered near the woods to play, inspect their clothing before they enter the house. Place a plastic bin next to the door or in the laundry room for outdoor clothing.

Quality Pest Control in Lake Charles LA

Trying to treat the infestation yourself can only lead to spreading the bugs to other parts of your home. Seek professional J&J Exterminating bed bug control in Lake Charles to eradicate the infestation completely and to help prevent future bed bug problems. J&J Exterminating will inspect your property for free! Contact J&J Exterminating today to eradicate any bed bugs in your home.

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