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Stored Product Pest Prevention

Have you ever poured a bowl of raisin cereal only to find a few raisins swimming in the milk? If your answer is no, consider yourself lucky. For everyone else, you’ve already found out the hard way about stored pantry pests. Cereal and grain pests, commonly known as sawtoothed grain beetles, originate at the factory or the warehouse and then make their way to your home in the box. These bugs can also infest stored products in the shop before you buy them.
Stored Pest Exterminators in Shreveport Louisiana

Stored pests not only find their way into cereal boxes but also flour and rice bags, corn meal and other food products. Some of these pests include:

  • Red flour beetles
  • Granary weevils
  • Cabinet beetles
  • Cadelle beetles
  • Indian-meal moths

Each pest goes through similar breeding and developmental cycles, starting as a larva and growing into a beetle, a weevil or a moth. These pests breed out of control just like any other pest, and it takes professional J&J Exterminating Shreveport pest exterminators to eradicate them at the source.

Preventing Stored Product Pest Infestations

To prevent a pest infestation, you need to sanitize your pantry and eradicate any pests that currently occupy the space. Having experienced J&J pest exterminators in Shreveport, Louisiana come in and target the infestation is just one step in the process. You also need to learn how to store and track your pantry items to prevent another infestation from occurring.

  • Remove rice, flour and other grains from boxes and pour them into their own glass or plastic containers. Seal the containers with an air-tight lid.
  • Take note of the expiration date on the boxes before you throw them away. Label the new containers with the stored date and the expiration date.
  • For the items you keep in boxes, check whether or not you can store them in the refrigerator. If so, close the boxes properly, and place them on a refrigerator door shelf. If not, seal the opening with plastic, or place the entire box in a plastic bag to prevent pests from entering and contaminating the food.

J&J Exterminating Shreveport pest exterminators can also help create preventative solutions for protecting your stored products. With the infestation out of the way, you can rest easier and enjoy your food without worry. Contact J&J Exterminating for a free inspection of you home today!

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