Pest Control Professionals Can Make Life More Comfortable Year-Round

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Mild Louisiana weather is great for entertaining guests, relaxing on the patio or watching the kids play. However, our mild weather is also enjoyed by many pests like flies, ants, cockroaches, spiders, and mosquitoes. That is why exterminators can make life more comfortable year-round when you invite them to come first. Here is how pest control experts can help:

Exterminators Can Protect the Outside of Your Home

Do you usually think of calling extermination services only when you have an insect problem inside your home? In fact, pest professionals focus on taking care of pests that spread disease throughout your whole property. Using safe products, exterminators can eliminate those pests from both inside and outside, allowing you to use your space year-round.

Bug Killing Experts Work Better than DIY Pest Control

Whether you swat at mosquitoes and flies or use a DIY pest control method, you are really just swatting at the tip of the iceberg. In contrast, extermination technicians are professionally trained to carefully examine your property and not only kill the bugs you see but prevent more from showing up. By using regular pest extermination services, you can fight back against these invaders and take control of your property again.

Local Exterminators Are Proactive

Taking care of the pests outside your home helps to eliminate problems indoors. The pests you see are only a fraction of the ones that are living and breeding on your property. By hiring regular exterminating services, you will have an expert who can proactively tackle your pest problem and make sure you don’t have to worry about it.

Extermination Services Help Keep Your Family Healthy

Think that flies are just a pest? Think again. According to research, flies are actually twice as likely to carry germs to harm your health than cockroaches. In fact, every time a fly lands on your food or utensils, they leave thousands of germs that could cause your family or friends to get sick. Moreover, mosquitoes aren’t just annoying, they can carry diseases too. Regular pest control treatments will ensure your family stays healthy.

Pest Professionals Give Expert Advice

Contracting with a local exterminator means that you have access to advice about any pest problem that you encounter. In addition, they can give you tips for different situations, such as an outdoor picnic which might be at a location that draws flies. At a tailgate or other picnic situation, exterminators advise these steps:

  • Locate Away from Odor: Flies are attracted to trash and other strong odors, so don’t choose a location close to a bathroom or trash collection area.
  • Look for a Breeze: Choose a location with airflow or use a fan if possible. Most mosquitos and flies are not strong fliers and a fan can keep them away from your area.
  • Keep Food Safe: Use cold or hot pack containers to keep foods at a safe temperature except when serving. Use covers on dishes to keep out pests.
  • Cover Garbage: Trash is particularly attractive to pests, so cover trash cans or consider bringing your own bags and clips to keep the garbage in and the bugs out.

Pest Exterminators Enhance Your Property Value

By keeping your yard pest free year round, bug extermination services may be the best investment you could make in your property. Without bugs to contend with, your family can enjoy your outdoor spaces and make the most of the pleasant Louisiana fall weather.

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