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When pests invade a business, they can create numerous problems for the company’s owner. Pests can drive away customers right to your competitors, or cause your clients to tell others about the conditions of your workspace. For commercial cockroach control in Monroe, Louisiana, and other common business pests, contact J&J Exterminating.

Pest Prevention Tips

To keep pests away from your business, seal small holes and cracks. Check utility and pipe entry points to see if gaps exist. If they do, block them. Assess your business structure’s exterior for landscaping elements that may encourage pests to enter. These elements include tree branches that are near your business as well as bushes and tall plants. Make sure basements, crawl spaces and attics are dry and ventilated. Also, purchase garbage receptacles that seal to avoid attracting pests. Rotting wood invites some types of pests, but you can avoid sending out an invitation with regular maintenance.

Today, bed bugs are making a strong comeback, and they can turn up in any kind of business. These creatures are tough to eliminate, so be sure to contact an extermination company to get rid of them. For expert bed bug control in Monroe, Louisiana, call J&J Exterminating. The company trains its technicians to identify specific types of pest invasions. This step ensures the proper elimination techniques.

Especially Harmful Pests

Some pests cause health problems for people. For instance, you can contract Hantavirus from mice, which can result in death. Rats are another especially dangerous pest because they transmit leptospirosis. This ailment may cause damage to a person’s liver and kidneys. Cockroaches are also harmful. Not only can the pests bring about the appearance of a going out of business sign, they may transfer deadly bacteria, such as Salmonella and E. coli, to humans. J&J Exterminating specializes in cockroach control in Monroe, Louisiana. The company will make sure that your pest problem is eliminated quickly and professionally.

Contacting a Professional

Pests can destroy your company’s reputation and harm your bottom line. Furthermore, bugs and rodents may damage your building’s infrastructure including wiring, drywall and wood. When pests make your business their home, contact professional extermination company J&J Exterminating. The company provides bed bug control in Monroe, Louisiana, and invests in the latest pest elimination equipment to get rid of all types of pests promptly and thoroughly.

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