Rodents at Thanksgiving…

You may have enjoyed the recent viral video hit, “Tiny Hamster Thanksgiving”, in which a few lucky pet hamsters and a rabbit were all (adorably) treated to a miniature Thanksgiving feast. The cute video is fun to watch, but surely most homeowners don’t want to host their own ‘Tiny Rodent’ holiday for unwelcome rats and mice! Following these tips, and enlisting the help of J&J Exterminating should help you keep your home free from unwanted guests of the furry variety.

  • Apply weather stripping around foundation and windows. You can purchase weather stripping fairly inexpensively at most hardware and home improvement stores and do it yourself. It’s an easy fix that will not only help keep pests out, it will help keep heat in and reduce your home heating costs.
  • Install door sweeps as well, which will help keep out drafts and pests.
  • Rats and mice are notoriously flexible and can squeeze their bodies through the smallest openings. Seal any remaining cracks or holes in the walls or foundation of your home.
  • Store food in airtight containers to minimize the allure of food to hungry rodents.
  • Clean out your attic, garage and extra rooms. Cluttered, rarely disturbed areas make an attractive nesting spot for mice. Keeping these areas neat and clean will send a signal that these spots are not open for business to rodents!
  • Tend to your yard and surrounding vegetation as well, as these can be a literal ‘bridge’ for mice and rats to jump onto your roof and enter your home. Trim back tress, bushes and hedges.
  • Contact J&J Exterminating for Alexandria, LA rodent control to help prevent, eradicate, and keep rodents out of your home or business. Our comprehensive approach to pest management employs smart strategies and reduced chemicals for long term relief from pests.

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