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Get Ready for Termite Season

It may be the dead of winter now, but termite season is just around the corner. There are more than 4,000 species of termites, and the pests are able to burrow through soil and to eat wood of all types. In order to stop the insects, some homeowners install barriers that are made of steel or concrete; however, each shield generally costs at least $7,000. When providing DeRidder Louisiana termite control services, J&J Exterminating will build a trench and utilize a liquid that can deter the insects for more than seven years.115dfe7d-ecfb-4ad6-8850-14168411b08f

Entering the Home

These pests usually crawl through cracks in concrete or enter holes in pipes. In some cases, termites are located in furniture, and the pests are commonly found in firewood.

Overall Damage

A recent analysis indicated that termites caused more than 100,000 trees to fall in residential areas during the last year. In the United States, the insects created damage that would cost approximately $2.7 million to repair.

Our Effective Strategy

As we perform termite control in Baton Rouge, J&J Exterminating is able to create a trench that surrounds your home, and we will add the liquid that repels the termites. This small ditch will not affect plants, grass or trees. Moreover, our experts will put soil back into the trench after the repellent has been poured.

Utilizing Bait

In order to remove pests that are already in your home, we will set traps that contain bait, and our Hammond termite control experts will check the device at least once each week. Generally, the traps can capture all of the termites within one month.

Our Guarantees

Once we have provided termite control in Baton Rouge, we can offer a warranty that will cover the costs of replacing damaged wood. Furthermore, J&J Exterminating will repair the trench and establish new traps if you subsequently detect additional signs of termites.

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