Tips to Prevent Spiders

Seeing spiders in the house can be a traumatizing experience, especially for those who are scared of them. Not only are spiders dreadful to look at, but they can also cause harm when they bite. While most spiders are harmless, some venomous spiders can pose a threat to humans. If you’re tired of finding spiders in your home, then you need to take preventative measures. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing some tips to prevent spiders with professional help from J&J Exterminating.

1. Clear the Clutter

Spiders love to hide in dark, cluttered areas. So, if you want to keep them away from your house, then you need to keep your place neat and tidy. Clear all the clutter that has accumulated in your home, and make sure that the floors are clean and free of dust. This way, you can reduce the number of hiding spots for spiders. If you have a lot of knick-knacks that you can’t bear to part with, then consider storing them in clear plastic containers with tight-fitting lids.

2. Seal the Cracks and Openings

Spiders can come into your home through even the tiniest of cracks or openings, such as gaps around doors and windows. Inspect your home thoroughly for cracks and crevices and seal them off. If you have screens on your windows, ensure that they are not damaged and are securely in place. Filling up gaps and holes will not only keep spiders from entering your home, but it will also help in reducing heating and cooling bills.

3. Keep Your Yard Tidy

Spiders can thrive in unkempt yards, so keeping the outside of your home tidy is equally important. Regularly mow your lawn and trim back the bushes from the perimeter of your house. Additionally, keep firewood and other outdoor equipment away from your home, as this can give spiders a hiding place close to your house.

4. Call in the Professionals

While there are several DIY methods to prevent spiders, the most effective way is to call in professionals like J&J Exterminating. Qualified pest control experts have the knowledge and equipment required to identify and treat spider nests and webs. They can advise on the best course of action to eliminate the spider infestation and even take preventative measures to stop their return.

5. Using Natural Repellants

If you want to prevent spiders naturally, then using spider repellants can be the best way out. Many essential oils like peppermint, lemon, and eucalyptus work well at repelling spiders. You can mix a few drops of any of these oils with water and spray it on the spider-prone areas. Another effective natural spider repellent is vinegar, which you can mix with water and use it to wipe down countertops and floors.

By following the preventative measures discussed in this blog post, you can safeguard your home against spiders. Keeping your surroundings clean and well-maintained, sealing gaps and cracks, and getting professional assistance from a reputed extermination company like J&J Exterminating can significantly reduce the chances of spiders inhabiting your home. Don’t lose your peace of mind to the creepy crawlers. Take precautionary measures, and enjoy a spider-free abode!

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